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Here are a few of MC Creations sentiments and verses.  If you see one you like please copy and paste into your e-mail.

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Each card is made of quality A4 gloss card folded into A5 - 21 cms x 14.85 cms and comes with a beautiful premium red envelope.

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Need some inspiration?

Christmas is for giving, not just of gifts, but of time, for contacting family and friends, for reminiscing and for making new memories.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

It’s that time of year to say the things,

That we forget from time to time,

To friends, to family, to those we love,

To thank them for being so kind,

To share the time of day with them,

To let them know we care,

To tell them that they’re in our thoughts,

Even though we may not be there.

Thinking of you this Christmas!

May the light of the moon

guide the Angels to your door this Christmas!

May you enjoy the

Spirit of Christmas,

the closeness of family,

the days off work,

and your friends

down the pub!

Wishing you a Christmas that's white but if the white runs out

then there's always the red!

Have a good one.

I thought you'd like something different on your Christmas card this year,

What a nice surprise to find this card, full of faces and good cheer!

Merry Christmas

One of the things I liked about Christmas,

were the treats that we got to eat,

It started with the tangerine in your stocking,

and continued with the Christmas tree treat.

Do you remember the chocolate money?

The different sweets we used to get back then,

The nuts that we used to crack open

Those days will never be repeated again.

The turkey seemed to be oh so huge,

and so many veg to put all on one plate,

The cranberry sauce and the delicious gravy,

As a child it was so hard to wait.

And what about the Christmas pudding?

With the specially made brandy sauce,

and the search for the elusive sixpences,

A wonderful end to the final course.

Can you remember what you used to feel,

When you got up Christmas morning,

The excitement of what the day might bring,

When you woke up tired and yawning.

The crackling of the Christmas paper,

As you unwrapped each Christmas gift,

The pleasure at getting what you wanted,

And of other times feeling miffed.

Then all to soon the gifts are opened,

And we've had enough of play,

It's dinner time we shout with glee,

Then we eat and eat all day.

We're stuffed to the brim, it's time to rest,

In front of the big TV,

It's not my turn for the dishes,

So I'm as happy as I can be!

I am just a little baby Christmas tree,

Waiting till I'm strong and tall,

When hopefully someone will pick me,

Then I will be the proudest tree of all.

My family will dress me up all pretty,

With baubles, tinsel and lights,

I will stand there so tall and proudly,

As I brighten up cold nights.

I will take care of all of your presents,

It will be my greatest pleasure,

To share these special days with you,

These times I will always treasure.

But the greatest gift that I can have,

Will come towards the end,

When I leave my family all behind,

To go to heaven, to my best friend.

I really like my sister,

And even my brother too,

But when it comes to Christmas,

He can be a bit of a poo….

He teases and he pulls my hair,

And hides my Christmas toys,

Why can't we have all sisters,

Instead of horrible boys!

I really love my Mum too,

And my Dad although he's strict,

But at Christmas time he's funny,

We play games like "You've been nicked".

The best time of the day for me,

Is when it's dinner time,

The table's full of lots of treats,

Nice food, Christmas crackers and wine,

To see my family around me,

All happy, it makes me smile,

Another vision for my memory pot,

It's a memory that will last a while.

This heart is not just any heart,

As it opens with a special key,

And at Christmas it is yours for keeps,

Just like you, you're special to me.

Merry Christmas

A Merry Christmas to my little girl

Of whom I'm so very proud,

You've grown up into an amazing woman,

Who stands out in any crowd.

You're my best friend as well as my daughter,

And I wish a great New Year for you,

A year that is full of promise,

And may all your dreams come true,

To hell with what people think of you….

Let your inner child live again,

It's Christmas time, go have some fun,

Imagine snow instead of rain!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a New Year full of good health & happiness.

At Christmas time may you find lots of love and share lots of laughter

As different as we all are,

 may we always stick

 together, remain friends

 and be the amazing family that we are!

Merry Christmas

Have a wonderful Christmas

and a Healthy and

Happy New Year

Wishing you a Christmas

full of fun & laughter,

enough to last a life time.

Enjoy every minute

This card comes full of Christmas kisses and heartfelt wishes.

At this Christmas Season we remember and honour those who are no longer with us and cherish those who are.

Wishing you a Christmas that fills you with happy thoughts of good things to come.

Christmas, the most magical time of the year and a great excuse to keep in touch!

What a better time to send to you,

On this magical day of the year,

A wish for lots of happiness,

Good luck, Good Health, Good Cheer!

Another Christmas spent with you,

A New Year on its way,

I love my life now I'm your wife,

I smile with each new day.

Though troubles find their way to us,

Our love is strong enough,

A light that shines just like the moon,

It’s strong, it’s bright, it’s tough.

And so I want to tell you,

How much you mean to me,

I will love you till forever,

There's nowhere else I'd rather be.

Oh Spirit of Christmas you've come far too fast,

There's not enough money,

It's not gonna last,

So what should we do about presents this year?

Well, we’ve sent you this card with a kiss and a cheer!


What better excuse than Christmas,

to go to our local pub,

A few Christmas pints go down so well,

before our Christmas grub.

It's always three deep at the bar,

and it's only just gone noon,

I hope they hurry, I need a drink,

I will be having to go home soon!

The wife, she's in the kitchen,

I've left her with a sherry,

She's making our Christmas dinner,

I'm hoping it will make her merry.

My mates are in the corner,

looking all clean and smart,

You can see what they got for Christmas,

all spruced up and looking smart.

So here's to the Christmas Spirit,

as I pick my pint up off the bar,

The first is always free in here,

and I haven't got to drive the car.

Good job they kick you out of here,

exactly on the stroke of one,

or my dinner will be all frazzled,

and I would end up getting none.

May the miracle of Christmas

fill your Heart with

Warmth & Love

May Good Health & Happiness be yours this Christmas

Were spending Christmas in the sun this year,

We did the same last year too,

Turkey salad on the patio,

Sparkly wine by the glass… just a few.

There's no chimney in our apartment though,

So we leave our door unlocked,

And hang our stockings on the patio,

With Santa's saucer fully stocked.

The deckies are quite splendid,

As they twinkle in the sun,

Lots of glitter, balls and tinsel,

It adds to all the fun.

And if Santa should come early,

To top up his energy,

We lend him one of our costumes,

So he can paddle in the sea.