​I love making people happy and bringing a smile to their faces.

I also love working with computers, photography, graphic design, words and numbers.

This combination has helped me to create many things and help many people.

About me
Marilyn Cook MC Creations
​I have learnt how to take my photographs and bring them to life using computer software. I have learnt how to create new designs from a combination of photographs..
​Using graphic design I have created unusual greetings cards and using my love of words I have written verses to put in them.

​I love writing poetry that really helps people through tough times. When words fail poetry does not.

Artistic background
​I create photo messages which are a combination of photographs and poems. I print them on greetings cards or gloss paper printing up to A2.

​I realised after looking at children's books that the graphics weren't real photographs. I decided to write a book myself using my photos, my poetry, my tortoise and my Jolly Jangles Teddy Bears. I actually wrote three books and they each made it to bestseller. I watched one child with one of my books touching the paper to see if the images were real and she was only 18 months old!

Marilyn Cook Graphic Designer and Author of Childrens Books
What I do
​My love of graphic design has led me to learning about website design which is a huge topic. I guess if I were to add up the amount of time I have spent learning about website design it could be measured not in hours but in months!

​​My love of numbers goes back to my school days when I learnt the meaning of maths. How one can start off with one set of numbers to calculate another set of numbers needed to create or design anything and everything in our world. 

Then I discovered spreadsheets and learnt the power of formulas, the very same thing I learnt in school but used in a different way. My spreadsheet creations don‘t look like spreadsheets but they do the job in record time with 100% accuracy! I can easily spend hours working out complex formulae trying to get it to calculate a result based on many factors. It is so rewarding even if I do sound like a geek!

I do love getting out and about though, recharging my batteries with Mothers Nature. Noticing things I have never noticed before. Getting out of breath to get the blood pumping around my body, it is very therapeutic.

Life is all about being happy and doing what I do is, I hope, helping to bring others one step closer to being happy



​Need something a little different? I can personalise, it’s what I do best….. greetings cards, invitations, thank you cards, whatever stationery you need personalising. Ask me about it and I will see what I can do for you!
I hope I can help you find something for that special person in your life. Something personal to them that will bring a smile to their face. Tell me their story and watch it come to life in a poem on a photograph or a verse in a greetings card made especially for them.