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Need something a little different? We can personalise, it’s what we do best….. greetings cards, invitations, thank you cards, whatever stationery you need personalising.  Ask us about it and we will see what we can do for you!

We hope we can help you find something for that special person in your life. Something personal to them that will bring a smile to their face.  Tell us their story and watch it come to life in a poem on a photograph or a verse in a greetings card made especially for them.

Let us paint a message on a rock or pebble, let us write a story in rhyme for your child and make a book with their photos in it, or pick one of our own children’s hand made story books. We use poetry to bring out the fun in our stories that children can resonate with.

Text or call us, we would love to hear from you.

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Who loves Christmas?  

Check out our latest children’s book called ‘Rudy’s Lost His Red Nose!’ It is a heart-warming Christmas story about how the Jolly Jangles and their forest friends help Rudy to find his red nose on Christmas Eve.

Get your copy now! - 34 pages of vibrant full colour pictures written in rhyme - your little ones will love this book!

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Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favourite

Meet the Jolly Jangles by Marilyn Cook is a delightful book written in rhyming verse where children are introduced to Jolly Jangles, a family of twelve teddy bears. Each rhyme has a question asked by a teddy bear, which makes it a fun and interactive book for young readers. Apart from conveying beautiful messages of sharing, being different and yet being friends, the rhymes take children through the different seasons in a very novel and charming way. Let us meet Scruff, Puddle, Podge, Rainbow, Naughty, Blossom, Sunshine, Butterfly, Sunset, Autumn, Breeze, and Snowflake, join the discussion, and try doing the things they do.

This book is entertaining, whimsical, and captivating and it makes learning fun and interesting. The author has created the twelve teddy bears using her crochet hook, thereby giving them each a personality of their own, and children will love meeting them. The backdrop where the teddy bears are placed is vibrant, lively, and arresting and gives a good pace and movement to the rhymes. It is a perfect book to introduce to children in classrooms and homes to make learning fun. This book will also introduce readers to rhyming verses and writing short poems.

Which one is your favourite teddy? Which is your favourite colour? Which time of the year do you like the most? There a lot of questions that require answers from young readers and I am sure they will have fun figuring out their favourite teddy, colour, season, etc. I cannot wait to read the next book to learn more about the Jolly Jangles.

Our first published book ‘Meet the Jolly Jangles’ is  available on Amazon

Get your copy now! - 48 pages of dazzling full colour pictures written in rhyme - you won’t be disappointed!

A Jolly Jangles Story for Christmas A Jolly Jangle Heart Warming Christmas Story.